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Renewable energy training program


Program Benefits

Is to developed technical skills, proper awareness of energy building program, to create white blue coller manpower & in renewable stream , employment generation

ecosun's energy & carbon saving targets.

ecosun energy company will be leading in helping economic and environmental justice communities nationwide get clean, carbon savings affordable renewable energy.

Main Focus of Renewable Energy Training Program

ecosun is focused toward of a Better, equitable transition to a world powered by renewable energy that benefits everyone will only be achieved within a framework of social, economic and environmental justice.

Knowledge sharing

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to education and to programs that enable individuals to develop the knowledge and skills.

Humility & curiosity

We listen first and offer our expertise in a way that meets people where they are.


We believe that building stronger communities and personal connections is an essential motivation for our work. Focus towards reaching upto everyone each.

We are intentional in our work, and we believe in being just as intentional in our values.
At the core of who we are

01. Why are ecosun's so different from those of other installers?
ecosun is custom engineered for our clients’ needs. Our goal is to deliver best quality products and solutions that optimize and maximize the output
02. Can you guarantee that my roof will not leak after I install a solar system?
The quality of the products, the type of flashing, and the skills of the solar power partner are crucial to ensuring that your roof does not leak when you install a solar power system. In addition, your solar power provider should carry insurance that covers any risk associated with a roof leak when a solar power system is installed.
03. How Long Will a Heat Pump Last?
The average lifespan of a heat pump is 15 to 20 years if they are constantly being monitored and preventive maintenance is performed.
04. How does a Solar PV system work?
Solar PV electric panels do not require bright sunlight in order to operate, meaning that you can still generate electricity on cloudy days. The electricity produced is either consumed directly by appliances in the building or, if more power than required is generated, it is exported to the grid. At night, or when the system is not producing enough energy, power is supplied by the grid in the normal way