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 Ecosun Energy Audit Service

The scope of the Ecosun Energy Audit Service includes a detail study for Energy Conservation options of various energy sources like Electricity and Fuel oil in the building and recommends actions for reducing the same.

The broad scope of the study will as per the following:

Review of present electricity, fuel oil & estimation of energy consumption in various load centers like lighting, Air-Conditioning, Water Pumping, Motors and other Electrical/Medical & Electronic equipments in the buildings

Electrical Distribution System:

  • Review of present electrical distribution like Single Line Diagram (SLD), transformer loading, cable loading, normal & emergency loads, electricity distribution in various areas/floors etc
  • Study of Reactive Power Management and option for power factor improvement
  • Study of power quality like Harmonics, current unbalance, voltage unbalance etc
  • Exploring the Energy Conservation Option (ENCON) in electrical distribution system

Lighting System:

  • Review of present lighting system, lighting inventories etc
  • Estimation of lighting load at various locations like different floors, outside (campus) light, pump house and other important locations
  • Detail lux level Survey at various locations i.e. each room/Varanda and comparison with acceptable standards
  • Study of present lighting control system and recommend for improvement
  • Analysis of lighting performance indices like lux/watt/m2 and comparison with norms of high rise buildings
  • Exploring the Energy Conservation option (ENCON) in lighting system

Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning System (HVAC System):

  • Review of present HVAC system like central AC, window AC, split AC, package AC, Water Coolers and Air Heaters etc
  • Performance assessment of window AC, Split AC and package AC system
  • Performance assessment of Chillers, Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units (AHUs) and cold insulation system of central AC. Analysis of HVAC performance like estimation of Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER i.e. KW/TR), Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) of Chilled Water Pumps, Condenser Water Pumps with the design data

Diesel Generator (DG) Sets:

  • Review of DG set operation
  • Performance assessment of DG sets in terms of specific fuel consumption (SFC i.e. KWH/Liter)
  • Exploring the energy conservation option (ENCON) in DG sets

Water Pumping System:

  • Review of water pumping, storage and distribution systems
  • Performance assessment of all major water pumps i.e. power consumption vs. flow delivered, estimation of pump efficiency etc
  • Exploring the Energy Conservation Option (ENCON) in Water Pumping System

Motor Load Survey:

  • Conducting the motor load survey of all drives to estimate the % loading
  • Exploring the ENCON options in electric drive system

Energy Monitoring & Accounting System:

  • Detail review of present energy monitoring & accounting system in terms of metering, record keeping, data logging periodic performance analysis etc
  • Recommend for effective energy monitoring & accounting system

The DPR should contain the following information:

  • Methodology adopted for the study
  • Present energy scenario of the building
  • Detail analysis of the data obtained through field visits, trial measurements by portable gadgets, discussion with concerned personnel etc