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What is Heat Pump

A ground-source heat pump system harnesses natural heat from underground by pumping water through it in pipes. The heat pump then increases the temperature and the heat is used to provide home heating or hot water.


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Heat Pump

Heat Pump Benefits

Incorporating heat pump technology into your home is one of the most economical, effective, and environmentally-friendly ways to cover your heating and hot water needs. Heat pumps use environmental energy to generate heating and hot water for your home. This works by extracting thermal energy (heat) from the air, ground or a local water source, which is then converted by a heat pump to generate heating and hot water for your home.

Hot water from air unbelievable but true

Ecosun with an experience of more than 22 years in solar water heating systems brings to you another energy efficient source "air" to work for you.

If you heat water with electricity you spend say 90units. If you heat water with ecosun heat pump you spend less than 30 units!!

Heat from air is extracted and given to water and you get hot water round-the-clock. This is done in a very efficient way.


Why Ecosun

Heat Pump
  • Compressors,evaporators,
  • Plate heat exachange or shell
    PHE highy efficeint for water heat
  • Non-corrosive,Pressurized system
  • In-house design,manfacturing & testing
  • Scroll Compressors,offer AMC for long-life-performance.


Features & Benefits
  • Fully Automatic
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Eco Friendly
  • 65%-75% energy saving
  • Compact Design
  • Safer than boilers.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Long lasting and reliable.
  • Uninterrupted year round operation


to select heat pump
  • Hot water requirement per day
  • Firstly, the sizing of a heat pump
  • Periods of use of hot water every day
  • Hot water demand durning each period of the day
  • Place of installation and supply & return piping required
  • Compressor Type
  • Efficiency

Heat Pump


Heat Pump Working


Heat Pump

Heat Pump

We have emerged as the leading manufacturer, trader and supplier of high performance Solar Water Heater with Heat Pump. The offered water heater is manufactured using superior quality components and latest technology.

This product is rigorously tested by our quality controllers on well-defined parameters in order to deliver high performance at clients’ end. Furthermore, solar water heater with heat pump is available in various specifications at an affordable price.


  • Operational fluency
  • Eco friendly
  • Robust construction

Capacity: 100/150/200/250/500 L

Inner tank:

Inner tank: SS 304/316 or GI/MS

Outer tank:

Outer tank: Pre-coated steel


Polyurethane foaming, thickness= 45 to 50 mm

Benefits of ecosun Heat Pump

Analysis Electrical Boilers LPG Boiler Diesel Boiler Wood-fired Boiler Solar Heater Heat-pump
Initial Cost High High High Low High High
Running Cost High High High Low Very Low Low
Maintenance Low High High Low Low Low
Space Required Small Large Large Large Very Large Small
Pollution Nil High High High Nil Nil
Safety Safe Unsafe Unsafe Unsafe Safe Safe
Energy Saving No No No No Yes Yes
Heat Pump 1.2 unit/hr 2.4 unit/hr 3.6 unit/ hr 7.2 unit/hr 12.8 unit/hr
Electrical Heater 4 unit per hr 8 unit per hr 12 unit per hr 24 unit per hr 48 unit per hr
Saving with Ecosun Heat-Pmp 65-75% 65-75% 65-75% 65-75% 65-75%

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Heat Pump
Heat Pump
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