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What is Energy Audit

An Energy Audit is an analysis of a faclity, indicating how and where that facility can reduce energy consumption and save energy costs.


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Energy Audits

Energy Audit & Benefits

An Energy Audit is an analysis of a faclity, indicating how and where that facility can reduce energy consumption and save energy costs.Its insight to energy efficiency and conversation can lead to significant savings on the company's utility bill.Reduce energy usage.

From coffee shop to machine shop - from dairy, poultry or hog operation to automotive manufacturing facility - a professional energy audit can be the critical first step in determining the most cost-effective, energy efficient improvements you can make to lower operating costs and improve you can significatly reduce carbon emisssions

Standard Energy Audit Process

  • HVAC and equipment
  • Motors and lighting
  • Compressed air
  • Refrigeration and water heating
  • Transformers,Boilers,Monitoring.
  • Analysis of fuel ,Heat Recovery System.

Commercial Bulding


Industry Energy Audit


Institutional & Safety Audits

An Audit Can

Implementing energy efficient improvements can help lower operating costs, reduce energy bills, increase productivity, improve equipment reliability and lower equipment maintenance costs. And your electric cooperative can help!

The scope of your audit will depend upon the nature of your business and the goals you want.

An enery audit begins with collection and analysis of information that affects energy consumption.

In order to tap the potential for energy conservation,.The purpose is to create awareness about energy audit. The following sector will be covered under this program:

Industries, commercial Buldings, goverment/semi/goverment,goverment undertaking,local,self goverment buildings,residential complex,municipal street,public water supply


Identify opportunities to improve energy performance.

Ways to save energy

Find low-cost/no-cost ways to save energy.


Prioritize cost-effective energy saving projects.

Clean Environment

Identify efficiency while reducing emissions and helping promote a cleaner.

Why is Energy Audit Important?

With energy audit, industrial audit can save without disrupting production processes and without experiencing a decrease in the quality of the products produced. Other advantages of energy audit are listed as follows:

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